Funny Feckers is a weekly free comedy gig, running every Thursday and two Saturday evenings at The Constitution, just a short walk form Camden Town Tube, and every Monday at The Dean Swift, Tower Bridge.

The night is extremely popular and we have a great line-up of new talent,  so we can be done by ten and have a drink and a chat after the show.

Why the feck do we do it?

We run a comedy night because the world needs more laughter. There’s something pretty feckin’ special about a roomful of people joined together through laughter. It’s the greatest gift in the world. And we bring it to you every week for free.

We also want to provide a platform for aspiring Funny Feckers. Our nights are famous for providing a friendly, supportive atmosphere where new acts take their first tentative steps into the spotlight and discover what we already know: the gift of making people laugh is inside each and everyone of us.

So who the feck are we?

wes_circleWes Dalton

The fecker who started it all. Resident MC of Funny Feckers, Wes is a comedian, writer and actor from Dublin, now based in London.

He started Funny Feckers in 2013 with a mic, a bit of Irish charm (or so he tells us) and a dream. A dream of creating a fun night where acts and audience could come together and connect through laughter and silliness. (dramatic enough for you)? Funny Feckers quickly became one of London’s most popular open mic nights, both with acts and audience, renowned for it’s fun and friendly atmosphere.


JQ is the technical brains behind Funny Feckers, ensuring the night runs smoothly and also a comedian and MC.